“Deciding to take the plunge and build our dream home on the lake, was the first step in many toward our finished project. Anyone who has undertaken this task knows its rewards and challenges.

Choosing a builder that fit with our vision was paramount; and in choosing GWS Contracting LTD. I believe we found our perfect match. From the onset Geoff was organized, reliable and extremely qualified to oversee all aspects of our build. He was patient, interested and invested in all of our questions, ideas and concerns. The quality of his trades is impeccable. Each trade, welcomed us and involved us in every step… from that first dig, to deciding to move a door frame, to wiring the lights, to picking the cedar that framed our doorstep, picking our colors, windows, doors, cabinets and the host of other decisions that come up in building a home. Geoff’s collaborative approach unites him, his trades and his client into a close efficient network.

We have been in our home almost a year now (we finished ahead of schedule), and are delighted with how everything turned out. If you are looking for a builder who takes into account quality, trust, hard work and respect then look no further…

Thanks Geoff for your outstanding dedication in helping us to build a house that has turned into our home.”

– Jen and Terry Somerville

“Geoff Stan of GWS Contracting Ltd was recommended to us by trusted friends. We had visited their new home, and had been very impressed by the quality of the design and finishing. I am pleased to say that our new home now shares these same high standards, and I wanted to post a few comments about our experience.

Geoff was able to recommend a designer for us to work with, Sheryl Kreil, and together we developed a striking open plan house that maximized the beautiful views of the lake, while taking into consideration our future needs and activities. From the first shovel full, to the final nail, Geoff worked closely with us on our dream project. He kept us informed at all stages of what was taking place, answering any concerns that arose promptly and knowledgeably. When issues or problems did arise, Geoff explained them clearly and honestly, and solutions were found and implemented in a timely manner.

Geoff has said to us that he is only as good as the people who work with him and during the building process, he introduced us to many fine trades people. We were very impressed with the quality of the work done on our house, and I had numerous trades tell me that they particularly enjoy working with Geoff, as he expects and appreciates skilled workmanship.

Geoff insists on a clean and safe worksite; at the end of each day dust and scraps were tidied up and the work area cleared. He takes care about the small things, not just the big ones, and it shows in what he builds.

Geoff shows care and concern for his workers, treating each person with respect and fairness which results in a positive work atmosphere, which we could see first hand whenever we came by.

Geoff showed skill in scheduling the many aspects of our house build, as there were very few delays or periods of inactivity, though he did enjoy cooperation from the weather most of the time!

We are delighted with our new home, now in its landscaping phase, and have confidence in the fine workmanship built into it by Geoff Stan GWS Contracting Ltd. We feel we received good advice and excellent value and plan on enjoying our beautiful home for many years.

We have recommended Geoff to friends considering building, and would be pleased to discuss our experience with others.”

– Barbara Torpey Rob Furness

2. “We looked for a house for several months and seeing that we could not find anything to our liking, we decided to buy an older house and completely renovate it. Our realtor recommended Geoff Stan to us.

We were a little worried about renovating due to the extent of the renovation and because everyone has a renovation horror story going on these days. Family and friends were gladly sharing their worries with us.

Well, our complete renovation went fabulous. Geoff is a fantastic contractor and we cannot say enough good things about him. His communication skills are excellent. We never had a question or a concern unanswered. He explained every step of the process and kept us up to date on the progress.

He was on site every day and he works with the best people. The quality of the work done on the house is amazing. Everything was done according to the schedule. There were no delays in completing any of the work. Quite the opposite, our basement was done well in advance of the time Geoff estimated it.

We could not ask for a better contractor. We recommend Geoff Stan and GWS Contracting without hesitation. We will definitely use his services again in the future.

Thank you Geoff for everything. It was a pleasure!”

3. “Geoff Stan of GWS Contracting was recommended to us by a friend. We were doing a total renovation of our marina front house. Our experience with Geoff was great. He used only highly skilled trades people and awesome sub contractors. Geoff kept to the timeline that was set out at the beginning of the job. We were very impressed with Geoff’s professionalism and his ability to solve all challenges as they arose. Geoff responded to all emails and text messages in a timely matter. He kept us up to date on the work schedule which was adhered to as close as possible. We would not hesitate to recommend Geoff nor would we hesitate to use GWS Contracting for any future renovations.”

– CORY & STEVE BARR, 128 Marina Bay Court, Sylvan Lake, Alberta

4. “Geoff Stan of GWS CONSTRUCTION completed a new home build for us Sept 30, 2014 and although there are a few minor details being dealt with, my husband and I decided we would like to post a brief letter regarding the build and Geoff and his company.

We met Geoff in the fall of 2013, through our realtor Pat Garritty of Trilliant Real Estate Group, a great company and guy to work with but that is another story! Pat called Geoff for us, to answer questions regarding some lake properties we were viewing which had homes on them. We were querying the cost to renovate the homes or were they a tear down; Pat said he ‘knew a guy in construction’ that could help assess the properties. Geoff came to 2 of the properties on different days and gave us great advice with no mention of his company or what his business entailed. In the process of purchasing the property we asked Pat about builders in the area and he mentioned Geoff and his company.

We considered being our own general contractors for this build but decided to hire a professional to contract other professionals to have a headache free build and so contacted Geoff and set up a meeting to discuss contracting him and his company for our build.

The meeting took place in November 2013 and Geoff provided us with his background in construction along with half a dozen names of individuals we could contact for references. We actually knew 3 of the people he had worked for and all of them gave great references as to the work done, time frame of completion and attention to the budget laid out at the start of the project. Geoff was hired by us at the end of that week and the process started!

In 25 years we have built 2 homes and renovated 4 others; contracting the various projects to 5 different individuals and their companies. All of these individuals came with references, were professionals and great people to work with; however, each project went at least twice as long as estimated to complete and anywhere from the usual 20% over budget to double the budget. The extended time to complete and extra costs were ’not due’ to our adding on items to the original project; we are mentioning this only so that those reading this posting know that we were not naive to the building/renovating process.

We have lived in Red Deer, Alberta for a long time and building in Sylvan Lake was an easy commute for us on a daily basis to see how the project was moving ahead. Weather always plays a huge part in construction and luckily for us 2014 was very cooperative. We had our plans completed by February 2014 and Geoff took over from there. The construction started on our 1850 sq foot bungalow walk out in March 2014 with a projected completion and move in for September 30, 2014; a projected budget was arrived at, that we knew would be adjusted!

We moved into our 99% completed home on September 30,2014. Geoff was on site everyday that construction was occurring and he had construction professionals on site pretty much everyday of that 7 month period. All of the professionals Geoff employed were pleasant to deal with and did a great job; if there were any shortfalls, problems or glitches to be contended with…Geoff dealt with them expeditiously and professionally. When these occurrences arose, Geoff was always frank and polite with the crew in resolving the construction issue and with us explaining what had occurred had how it was being fixed. There were never excuses as to an inadequate or sub standard job being done, by any of the trades GWS Construction employed because Geoff would not accept any standard but excellent. Shortfalls in budgetary concerns involving Geoff’s estimation were taken care of by Geoff without involving us; if a budget adjustment occurred because of our building addition[s] to the original plan, Geoff was frank and accurate with the cost and kept the project on schedule.

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This new home build has been a very pleasant and positive experience for us! Would we hire Geoff again….without question YES but would we build again…no…. because we are not moving or building again! We cannot say enough good things about Geoff and his company which is why we are posting this letter of reference on his website; to say THANK YOU for a job well done, that is allowing us to now be living in our wonderful new home, through a process that we can say was pretty much stress free!”

– LINDA & NAV RATTAN, 123 Grand Ave, Sylvan Lake, Alberta
12 December 2014

5. “We needed a contractor from around Sylvan Lake. We had a renovation that evolved into a major renovation of the entire house due to the house’s age and the way it was built in 1985. As a result we chose to do a big update of the cabin/house. We found Geoff in the Sylvan Lake Directory. He came over and gave us an estimate immediately. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable. We fully trusted him to do our update. We were contacted about all the decisions major and minor along the way of the entire reno. He has excellent tradesman and great relationships with everyone. He offers a full service company with all your needs taken care of like design, appliances, blinds and decorating,etc. We would recommend him to anyone for their contracting requirements. We would like to thank Geoff for a fantastic renovation that we have gotten numerous compliments on how beautiful it looks.”